SEO is the process of improving a website so that it is displayed in the highest results of a search engine, in this case Google because is the most used search engine in the planet according to, why bother optimizing for any other search engine?.

The higher the site is displayed, the more visible it will be to potential visitors. What does this mean in practice? When creating your website, consider the following:

  • Create good content, good content describes what your site is all about in an interesting and engaging way. It is informative and useful text that includes the keywords that you want to associate with your site. It also has a good distribution, with titles and headlines to make it enjoyable to read, also includes some images.

  • Give your site a logical structure: Search engines need to be able to navigate your site and recognize what it is about, so it is important a proper organization of your site. Make sure all your pages are linked together and have a descriptive URL, title, and meta-description.

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