There are hundreds of factors that search engines take into consideration for the classification of thousands and millions of sites that currently exist on the Internet, but one of the most important is undoubtedly the content. Do you really know the importance of keywords in a digital marketing strategy and use them correctly to improve your web positioning? Here I show you everything you need to know about the keywords and how to use them in your favor.


Definition and importance
First let’s start by defining what are the keywords and what is their importance for digital marketing

The main objective of a web positioning strategy is to obtain a better position in the search engines and be one of the first options that appear every time an Internet user makes a query, in this way, its importance lies in the fact that the keywords are the that help search engines classify, define and “understand” the content of a site so that they appear at the right time to offer answers and solutions to users.

Types of keywords according to their extension
There are several types of keywords that are classified according to the number of words used by the word or phrase:

Head keywords: Composed of 1 or 2 words, they are very generic and their search volume is higher.
Body keywords: They contain 2 to 3 words, their search volume is good and they are specified in specific brands, products or services.
Long tail keywords: They consist of phrases of more than 4 words, they are very specific terms and their search volume is low.

As you can see the specificity is a very important factor in determining the length of the keyword, as well as the volume of searches a term has, the more specific it is, the longer it will be and the less searches it will receive. However, for SEO the more specific the easier it will be to position, as the competition is less.


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